Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Can I Open an iTunes Account Without Credit Card

Following this steps you can actually open an iTunes account from any iTunes stores in the world without using credit cards. But of course, you can only download free apps and if you want to upgrade your app you need to be connected with this account.

This steps are really easy to do. If you haven't downloaded iTunes yet, you can have it from here, you can install it on your pc or mac then open the app.

Now that you have your iTunes you need to create an account. For doing this we will use Fakenamegenerator. It is a free website where you can actually create a fake identity: name, street, email, credit card. It is all fake, but you can use the details to create an account. Remember, it is not illegal create an account with fake details. So now you just need to set the gender, a name set and a country and you have all details you need.

Fake Name Generator

Now let's go in iTunes, clic on iTunes store and then app Store, but remember to sign out first.

At the right bottom of the page you will find the a flag, click on it and choose the USA or UK flag and click on it.
Then find a free app on the right side (any app you like it is okay). Now you are in the page of the app. If you clic on Free App it will open a window, then go to Create New Account.

create an account on iTunes
Fill the form with the fake details. Press continue and choose none (that means without credit card) and fill this form as well.
No credit card iTunes

Create the Apple ID and you have done!
From now on you can download all the free apps you want!