Friday, November 18, 2011

How Can I Change My IP Address To a UK or USA IP Address?

I will not ask you why you want to change your IP address to UK or USA, maybe you want watch hulu the famous TVstreaming in USA or probably you want to try to use spotify in UK to listen all the music you want for free, or maybe you want just buy an iPhone or a Nexus for less. In any case, remember that this procedure I'm going to show you is not free of tracking, so if you are going to do some bad illegal thing, probably it is not the right post for you.

But now we've to start from the beginning. First of all you want download a VPN app, this allow you to look like if you are connected for UK or USA. Don't worry it is really easy: joust gogo on this website TunnelBear and download this app on your laptop. it is really easy and you don't have to write any code. You just need to install this software, create an account with an email and a password and set the right button on UK and the left on.. ON. as is showed in this picture:

With TunnelBear you will have 500mb per month, or if you pay $4,99 you will have unlimited data.
This app is available for Windows an Mac and you can even download it on your iPhone and iPad. Moreover using your twitter account you can have 1Gb more for free!


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